TCU Remapping (Gearbox)

TCU Remapping / Gearbox Tuning is the best way to increase your vehicle’s gearbox performance.

Vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions are normally fitted with a TCU (Transmission Control Unit). The TCU controls all aspects of the transmission’s functionality example gear shift and torque limitation, hydraulic pressures etc. The TCU works in harmony with the ECU (Engine Control Unit) by sending and receiving real time data across the vehicle’s system. It is often recommended to have the ECU and TCU remapped simultaneously because it ensures that TCU and ECU control units continue to work in harmony and will assist to fully optimise the performance, drivability and fuel economy of the vehicle.

What gearboxes can be remapped?

We can remap most vehicles with the following gearboxes:


What gearbox parameters can be adjusted?

The number of parameters than can be adjusted is solely dependent on the vehicle however, here are some of the typical parameters that we can change:

What advanced gearbox parameters can be adjusted?

Some TCU’s enable us to manipulate advanced features & settings example:


Feel free to get in touch with Rommies Auto Tuning (RATSA) for any queries regarding TCU tuning / remapping for your specific vehicle.